Specialist programs

The Arts

  • Performing Arts
    Students have Music and Drama lessons, for one hour once a week, and learn a vast variety of skills and have a great deal of fun doing so. Students will explore ideas and improvise with ways to represent The Performing Arts to an audience. They will develop understanding of Arts practices and will share artworks through performance, presentation and display. Students will learn fundamental skills of being an audience and responding to and interpreting their peers’ artworks and presentations. Students also get the opportunity to participate in some Dance workshops.
  • Music
    In Music, students learn about beat, rhythm, pitch and dynamics through games, activities and by working with a particular instrument. Students will experience different instruments throughout their years at Redwood Park, which may include guitar, keyboard, ukulele, recorder and percussion.
  • Drama
    Students will learn to use their voice, facial expressions, movements and the space around them to explore plays, improvisation and process drama. They will use roles, characters and character interactions to present drama that communicates their ideas to an audience.
  • Dance
    Students will learn fundamental skills and techniques to explore movement and choreographic devices. Students will use expressive skills such as body control, balance coordination, beat and rhythm to perform dances and dance presentations to an audience.

Health and Physical Education

In the subject area Physical Education/Health at Redwood Park, we have a strong focus on empowering students to recognize and develop their ability to enhance their own and others’ health, safety, wellbeing and physical activity participation in a range of contexts. We value the necessity for developing students sense of self based on qualities such as kindness, connectedness, intelligence and social awareness to build communities of supportive learners.

We offer various movement activities that challenge students’ ability to use movement concepts/strategies in order to experience the connection between care/focus, persistence/grit and the resulting pride and subsequent growth as a result of acquired learning and awareness.

We also make explicit how various dimensions of life (especially emotional, psychological, physical, social, communal and global) are all inherently interconnected and all have significant influence on the state of wellbeing within the individual. It is imperative students are guided to see these influences on themselves for themselves so they can consciously make informed lifestyle choices that are most beneficial for themselves as individuals and for their social world in regards to wellbeing, happiness and, thereby, human growth and development.

LOTE - Japanese

Reception to Year 2 students learn through play and action related language, songs, everyday interactions and repetitive spoken texts. Students identify the 3 different scripts and begin to write single kanji.

Students can be involved in a Language, Culture and Understanding programme called ELLA, a fun and easy digital language program for children. It is an Australian Government initiative aimed at encouraging more students to study language.

Year 3 and 4 students interact with their peers with structured interactions, create short spoken descriptive texts, use adjectives and verbs and learn the hiragana alphabet.

Year 5-6 students convey information about daily routines, activities and events. Their reading, writing and speaking include frequency of time and sentence structure including conjunctions and different verb forms. Students read and write all hiragana and high frequency kanji.

Japanese Information Brochure

STEM - Science

At Redwood Park Primary School, our Science Curriculum provides hands on opportunities as a key to supporting student curiosity and engagement for learning.

Our aim is for students to identify Science in daily contexts and in the world around them, and promote their Inquiry Skills and passion to explore new things. By integrating these skills when planning it ensures the achievement standards for all year levels in each Science learning area (Biological, Physical, Chemical and Earth and Space Science) is addressed.