Redwood Park School Canteen follows the Right Bite Policy produced by the Government of SA and DfE.

The canteen is here to work with parents and carers to ensure that your children are receiving adequate nutrition and food intake during their school day.

In order for the canteen to run efficiently each week, we require volunteers to help prepare food and serve during recess and lunch breaks.

If you wish to find out more about how the canteen runs, have food suggestions, would like to volunteer or just want to “drop in” for a coffee and chat, please feel free to see the Canteen Manager.

See Volunteering section for more information.

Our canteen menu is regularly updated and orders can be made online via the Qkr App (downloadable via the Google play store and Apple App stores) as well as by cash in an order bag.

Please Note: Our Canteen is open from – Wednesday to Friday for recess and lunch (pre-ordered).

Canteen menu