Redwood Park Governing School Council has endorsed a school dress code policy which all students are expected to follow. The benefits of the dress code policy are:

  • To create a sense of equity for all the students.
  • To reduce “social pressure” to follow fashion trends.
  • To give the school a unique identity.
  • To promote pride and belonging in the school community.
  • To provide practical clothes for a wide range of physical activities and weather conditions.
  • To ensure students observe health, safety and appropriate dress standards.
  • To help protect students by making them identifiable as members of our school community.

Our Uniform consists of:

  • Green and black polo top – in either Short Sleeve or Long – available from our Uniform Shop
  • Black shorts, skirts or trousers
  • Green and White check dress – available from Target Stores

Our Uniform Shop is open for purchasing items – Monday Week 1 of each school term only, plus 2 days in the week prior to the new school year starting. These days and times will be advised closer to the start of the new year.

Purchases can be made via the Qkr app (preferred), B-Point, or paper order form at any time.