Governing council

Governing Council

The role of the Governing Council is to oversee the wellbeing of the school.

The Governing Council is a valued link between parents/caregivers and school staff. Governing Councillors are appointed for a two year term at the Annual General Meeting held each March. Staff learning teams participate in one Governing Council meeting each year and provide the link between the staff and the community.

It is the responsibility of the Governing Council to advise the Principal of the aspirations of the community in educational policy, expenditure of school funds and upgrading of facilities and equipment. The Council supports and co-ordinates such activities as fundraising and parent/caregiver education.

To effectively fulfil its responsibilities, the Council sub-committees are Finance, Facilities and Grounds, Fundraising, Information Technology and Out of School Hours Care Advisory. Staff members are often invited to volunteer for a membership to a sub-committee. The school’s Business Manager is automatically a member of the Finance Advisory group.

All council members are required to follow the Departments Code of Practice.

2023 Governing Council Members

Chairperson – Matthew Ziebarth
Deputy Chairperson – Renee Evans

Treasurer – Adam Yacoumis
Secretary – Anna Tedmanson
Principal – Ian Dickie
Staff Educational focus

Subcommittees of Governing Council

Community Development
Facilities Management – Building and Grounds



Visit the governing councils section on the department’s website for more information.