School zones

A school zone is a geographic boundary surrounding a school. The zone is where the school accepts its core intake of students.

Not sure if you live in our school zone? Check the map on this page or use the find a school zone or catchment area tool.

Our school zone

Our school offers enrolment to families in our local area. Our catchment area is bordered by four main roads – Golden Grove Road, Grenfell Road, Hancock Road and Milne Road.

Children attending our preschool can directly transfer to our school once they’ve completed their preschool year. Local families in the suburb of Redwood Park have access to the school.

Enrolment enquiries are welcome from out of our catchment area. However, it’s not guaranteed that a place will be available for your child and family.

Tours are held once a term and bookings are encouraged. A comprehensive information folder is available on request.

Map of our school zone