Our Community - Grounds and Facilities

At Redwood Park we are surrounded by the beautiful river red gums that provide us with natural shade but also define who we are. Our expansive grounds allow our students the freedom to be physically active while also providing the opportunity to sit with friends and observe the wonderful nature around them. Students are active members of building and remodelling our grounds and work in partnership with the community to continuously improve areas of our school.

Our community has worked hard in developing our Nature Play environments that encourage our students to explore, create and work collaboratively. Our students spend many quality hours interacting with natural elements like water and mud; inventing games; building cubbies with sticks; feeling a sense of adventure; experimenting with risk-taking and finding a space to be themselves. These learning experiences build and develop students’ awareness of their natural surroundings in a creative and challenging way.

Our school grounds are our window to an outdoor classroom in which we take every opportunity to engage with to learn and become connected with our environment.

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